Members Only Forum

Members Only Forum


Our school safety conference is an annual opportunity for our membership to learn, network and share information. The OSROA board wants to maintain a forum where our members can come together and do this on an ongoing basis. This is why we created a Forum page on this website. The Forum is intended to be a place where conversations regarding legal matters, case law, school/agency policy and other important issues can happen on an ongoing basis.

Why do we need a forum like this?

School policing is different from patrolling the streets. Individual rights are different. Free speech is different. What a person can legally possess on school grounds is different. 4th Amendment rights. 5th Amendment rights. Weapons. Drugs. Searching lockers, backpacks and cars. Do I need Probable Cause or Reasonable Suspicion? Am I acting as a cop or a school official? When can I act as an agent of a school administrator? Can they act as my agent?

We enforce the same laws we did on patrol, but it’s done differently in a school. Our coworkers – even our supervisors – often don’t have the answers to our questions because so few of us actually do this job. That’s why we need a forum like this, and why OSROA has created this medium where members can feel comfortable sharing information that will help us do our jobs more effectively.

As the page started coming together, three essential goals came into focus:

  1. Ease of Use – When an SRO or school administrator wants to ask a question or share an experience with the group, it has to be quick and easy. We don’t want members to have to remember a user name and password.
  2. Notification – When a new topic comes up in the Forum we want our members to be notified. You can decide to weigh in or simply ignore a notification, but we don’t want these conversations going unnoticed. We are all busy, and logging on to on a daily basis to check for new forum topics is something most of us will simply not do.
  3. Confidentiality – The page and conversations have to be private. Law enforcement officers are under more scrutiny than ever before. As law enforcement and education professionals, we must be able to share our perspective without fear that some special interest group will take a comment out of context and claim that we are something we are not.

We believe the platform that currently allows us the ability to meet all of these goals is part of a website that most of us visit every day. This is why we have moved our forum away from and launched the OSROA Forum group on Facebook.

The OSROA Forum is a private group page that is not visible to the general Facebook public. Membership is by invitation only. This closed group allows us to honor your confidentiality while still being able to send notifications when someone posts something new.

If you are an OSROA member and would like to be added to the Forum we need you to contact us one of two ways. One way is to go to our public Facebook Page and send us a message requesting access. The other is to send an email to and request access. In either case, you need to provide your name, title, employer and the email address that is connected to your Facebook profile. Once your identity and OSROA membership have been confirmed you will receive an invitation to join the Forum.

Once you’re in… start posting. We’re all here to help each other do our jobs more effectively and keep our kids safe.

For more information about how our OSROA Forum is different than our Oregon School Resource Officers Association page, click here.


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