Conference Payment

Conference Payment

While our online registration form only allows for one attendee to be signed up at a time, you can pay for up to five attendees with a credit card if you use the link below. Keep in mind that with each completed registration you will be sent back to this page. Pay all at once or one at a time – whatever you like. Just try not to pay for the same attendee more than once.

Please read the following instructions in regards to your conference payment…

Option #1: If you were automatically directed here after completing the online Conference Registration, and you selected the online payment option, please select the appropriate number of attendees in the drop down box below and proceed to PayPal to finalize your transaction. You do not need a PayPal account if you want to pay with a credit card.

Option #2: If you are looking at this page and you have come back to pay for a registration that has previously been completed online, click the PayPal button below to make your conference payment. Then… please send us a quick email at to remind us which conference attendee to whom the payment should be applied.

Option #3: If you were automatically directed here after completing the online Conference Registration, and you need to receive an invoice before making payment, we will get that emailed to you as soon as we can. Once you receive that you can come back to this page and pay online, mail us a check or pay at the door.

There are two ways you can pay via check. You can mail your payment to OSROA or you can pay at the door. Conference registration for 2018 is $249 if paid by June 15th. If it’s postdated by 6/15/18 we’ll call that good, but after that it’s $269. All payments at the door are $269. You can mail your payment to:

OSROA ~ c/o Medford Police Department

411 West 8th Street ~ Medford, Oregon 97501

If you plan to attend our conference and have not yet completed the online Conference Registration, please don’t pay yet! First get registered for the conference here, then you will be directed back to this page for payment.

Thank you, and we will see you at Salishan!

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If you are looking at this page and you’re just checking out the website to see what OSROA is all about, you need to find a more interesting page to look at. With the possible exception of the conference registration page, this has to be the most boring page on the whole site. Check out conference details here or learn how school admins can get college credit here. Even our Mission Statement page is more interesting than this!

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