2017 Conference Reflections

2017 Conference Reflections

2017 was another great year for OSROA. Another attendance record. Some of the best comments we have ever seen on the evaluation forms. Here VP Rick Puente takes a moment away from the hard work of putting on a conference to reflect on the beauty of some local flora.

Sheriff John Hanlin from Douglas County gave a very moving portrayal of the 2015 UCC active shooter incident – the first tactical debrief given to an audience that was not 100% law enforcement.

Dr. Bernie James wowed us on Monday, earning the highest rating of any OSROA keynote speaker, at least as far as my records go back. We worked for a few years to get Bernie up to Oregon and and he did not disappoint. There were better photos that this one, but this is my favorite because one of my heroes has his arm around me.

Captain Chris Vanghele told us about his experience as the first officer on scene at the Sandy Hook shooting. We appreciate his willingness to share the good, the bad, and the very ugly so we can learn the hard lessons from this tragedy.

As usual we drew raffle tickets and gave away a lot of prizes.

Amazing prizes.

Some more amazing than others… Then Susan Inman won the greatest prize of all:

Hopefully she will be back in 2018 so our new tradition can continue.

Our families enjoyed some organized events, sponsored by Lithia 4 Kids and Fred Meyer.

Past President Hank Hayes and Past Treasurer Grant Shirahama.

Another great conference. Can’t wait for 2018. See you next year!

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